TogethernessFest - Kindred

TogethernessFest 2024

Encouraging in real life

Join us from June 10-14 for TogethernessFest 2024 – a week-long festival of fun and in-person connection live at Kindred.

Our first TogethernessFest last year was an absolute vibe, and we can’t wait to do it all over again with a brand-new programme of events with some of our favourite event partners. Let’s gather, together, for dinners, parties, talks and workshops across all three floors of our Hammersmith home. Who knows who you might meet and what you might discover along the way…

Despite our best efforts, London is still lonely.

A 2024 study by Belonging Forum revealed that 35% of Londoners feel lonely often or some of the time, compared to 28% of people across the rest of the UK.

Kindred was created by former social worker Anna Anderson to provide something of an antidote. A former private members club turned community space, we offer a friendly and inclusive spot in the heart of Hammersmith where people can come together to eat & drink, co-work and attend events. We delight in bringing people together and have built a strong network through initiatives like our free monthly community dinners and midweek campfire events for coworkers. But, evidently, there is still work to do.

TogethernessFest was created to champion this cause and mark Loneliness Awareness Week. The theme of this year’s LAW is ‘Random Acts of Connection’ and we intend to honour that with a programme of events designed to inspire spontaneous conversations and discovery. Whether that be at ID8 on Wednesday or Doorstep Disco with Nemone on the Friday night.