Membership Terms & Conditions

Updated 1st March 2022

Membership Cards

  • Swipe your membership card at reception when you get here, and again when you leave. If you have forgotten your card, just let our reception team know. 
  • Please do not allow anyone else to use your card. Anyone found using your card will be denied entry and could result in your membership being cancelled.  
  • You may be asked to present your membership card when ordering or paying in the Club.  
  • Let our reception team know if your membership card is lost or stolen, a charge of £5 will apply for a replacement card. 



  • Let our reception team know the names of any guests you are expecting when you arrive.  
  • You can bring up to 3 guests per day in the Club spaces unless you have booked a table in our all-day dining area, or in our public-facing restaurant, Cellar 
  • Any guests will be asked to sign-in with their name and email address at reception.  
  • Guests will be asked to wait in reception until you arrive. 
  • You cannot bring the same guest more than twice a week in the daytime (before 6pm). Any guest wishing to visit more frequently should apply for membership. 
  • You are responsible for the behaviour of your guests whilst at Kindred , and you must not be separated from your guests whilst in the Club.  
  • Your guests are your responsibility whilst in the Club and your membership may be cancelled if they violate any of our Community Guidelines or Terms and Conditions. 
  • Under 18s are allowed in the Club before 5pm if supervised, and count as part of your guest allowance. After 6pm, no Under 18s are allowed in the Club.  
  • For safety purposes, we do use CCTV throughout the building at Kindred. 


Phones, Laptops & Other Devices

  • You can use your laptop anywhere in the Club until 6pm. After 6pm, please ask our reception team which space is available for working. 
  • You can use your phone anywhere in the Club, but please be considerate of your fellow members when talking on the phone, wear headphones when you are making conference calls, and ask our reception team where might be a suitable space to take any sensitive phone calls.  
  • Please use headphones when viewing any content with sound, or listening to music  
  • Photography and videos are allowed, but please don’t take photos or videos of other members and their guests without their permission. 


Meeting Rooms

  • Unless it’s booked, you can use any of our meeting rooms on a communal basis - please leave the door open so your fellow members can also make use of the space. 
  • All members can enjoy exclusive use of our Bradmore room on a complimentary basis for a maximum of 1 hour (bookable in half hour slots), by enquiring with our reception team on the day. If you haven’t made a booking, then the room is available for use on a communal basis – please leave the door open so your fellow members can also make use of the space. 
  • For all other meeting room or event bookings, including headshots in our Club spaces, please contact our events team on: 



  • You will be contacted 48hrs before any member event you have booked into to confirm your attendance, please let us know if you can no longer attend so we can offer your place to another member.  
  • All paid member events are non-refundable.  
  • Repeated 'no-shows' at member events may result in your booking privileges being revoked. 


Application Process

  • The membership committee review new membership applications once a month. The membership committee has discretion on who shall become a member of Kindred, and their decision is final. No reason will be given in the instace of unsuccesful applications. 
  • If your application is succesful, you will be notified and your membership will commence from the 1st of the following month; the membership will be confirmed once the joining fee has been paid in full. 
  • Any unsuccessful applications will be placed on our waiting list which is reviewed quarterly.  
  • You can request to remove your application from our waiting list at any time, please contact to do so. 


Membership Fees

  • Any joining fee or membership fee is payable before you can access Kindred as a member. 
  • Monthly memberships are payable on a monthly rolling basis. 
  • Your membership invoice is payable by the 1st of the month, for the month ahead. Continued failure to pay your membership fees on time may result in your membership being cancelled. 
  • All joining fees are non-refundable. 
  • All membership fees will be honoured for 2 years from your original start date. 
  • Membership is for a minimum one year period for which you can choose to pay monthly or yearly. We do not offer membership pauses. 



  • Membership renewals are not automatic and are reviewed by our team on a regular basis. The decision of the team is final and without appeal. 
  • Under 35s membership will convert to the full rate on the 1st of the month, the month following the members 35th birthday. We will be in contact one month before the changes to confirm. 


Membership Cancellations

  • Once you have completed one full calendar year of membership, you can cancel your membership at any time with one full calendar months’ notice. If you cancel without giving the full notice period, then a cancellation fee (to the equivalent of one month’s membership fee) is payable. Those members paying annually will have the remainder of their annual membership fee refunded, minus any cancellation fees applicable.  
  • We do not offer membership pauses, but you can reinstate your membership at our discretion at any time within one-year of your original cancellation. A reactivation fee (to the equivalent of one month’s membership fee) is payable.  
  • Should you request to re-join after a year of lapsed membership, you will need to re-apply at the current rate and the full joining fee will apply. 


Membership Database

  • It is important for us to have your current details plus a photograph in our membership database. By becoming a member of Kindred you consent to us holding your personal details and a photograph of you for us to use in connection with your membership.  
  • If any of your personal details change, please let us know as soon as possible and update your details on the Kindred Portal as soon as possible. 


These terms are effective from March 1st, 2022