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Kindred’s Golden Rules | Terms and Conditions | Effective as of Monday 4th February 2019.


Kindred Hospitality Ltd (known as Kindred) operates as a community space, restaurant, workspace, live events venue and yoga studio in London, UK. Kindred Memberships are intended for those who typically work on their own, have a freelance lifestyle, and are looking to belong to a community. We ask that you use the space for more than just work; come with an open and inquisitive mind, and be open to making new connections. Members are required to adhere to our standards of conduct and our Golden Rules to ensure the safe use and enjoyment for members and their guests. 



Each member contracts with Kindred Hospitality Ltd, who reserve the right to charge members a joining fee, an annual subscription fee and for admission to the premises from time to time (for special pre-booked events). The right to amend or waive any such fees or subscriptions from time to time shall be in Kindred’s sole discretion.


Your Membership Application

By completing and submitting your application for membership via our website, you agree to be bound by these Golden Rules. The Kindred team regularly reviews applications and aims to admit new successful applicants when space is available. The Kindred team has sole discretion as to who shall become a Kindred member. 

You are free to withdraw your application at any time. Should you wish to do so, please contact our team at info@wearekindred.com. If your membership application is accepted, we will confirm this by sending you a welcome email next steps. 


Membership Renewal

Membership is for a minimum period of one year and renewable thereafter on an annual basis. If you would prefer to pay monthly, please let us know when you apply and/or during your induction. 

Membership renewals are not automatic and are reviewed by our team on a regular basis. The decision of the team is final and without appeal.


Membership Database

It is important for us to have your current details plus a photograph in our membership database. By becoming a member of Kindred, you agree that we can hold your personal details and a photograph of you for us to use in connection with your membership. If your contact or payment details change, please let us know as soon as possible and update your details on the Kindred App as soon as possible to avoid any disruption to your membership.


Membership Payment

Upon approval or renewal of your membership, your membership fees become payable immediately. By providing us with your payment details, you accept and consent to being charged with membership fees in the form requested by Kindred upon your application being approved or renewed. It is within our discretion to amend our membership fees at any time, and we will notify you in advance if there are to be any changes to the amount, date or frequency of the payment of your membership fees.

Failure to pay the annual / monthly subscription (or any instalment thereof) within one month of the due date will result in the member not being admitted to Kindred and the membership being terminated.


Resignation of your Membership

If you have selected monthly, quarterly or annual payment and choose to resign your membership (or your membership is cancelled part way through the year), you will still need to pay your full membership fee for the remainder of the year. Refunds will be at the discretion of Kindred.


Membership Cards

All membership cards must be handed to the Kindred Reception to gain entry to the Hall and the Top Floor from Monday - Friday, 08:00 - 18:00. Members may be asked to present their membership card when they sit down to eat or drink or if they open a bar tab. Where any member allows his or her card to be used by a non-member, such non-member shall be denied access to, or removed from Kindred and the member whose card was used may face suspension or termination of their own membership. Please notify us immediately if your membership card is lost or stolen. 



Members are permitted to bring up to three guests with them to Kindred for casual meetings, lunches, brunches, the Brain Spa, but not for a day of work. If a guest wants to work at Kindred for the day please enquire about a day pass. Please be aware that during very busy times we may have to restrict member/guest access. A member’s guests will be asked to wait at reception until the member is present. Members may not allow their guests to remain at Kindred (except in The Cellar) when they leave. Members are responsible for ensuring their guests follow all the Golden Rules and policies and can face suspension or termination of their membership if their guests violate such rules or policies.



Kindred is designed for adults, however, children are welcome in The Cellar downstairs at all times and in the Hall on weekends only. Babies under 6 months are welcome throughout the building with their parent, with the exception of the Library. Please remember that your children are your responsibility at all times when present at Kindred and ensure they are not left unattended at any time.



Guide dogs are allowed throughout the building. Well behaved, quiet dogs are welcome in The Cellar, but not in other areas of the building. Kindred reserves the right to ask you to remove your dog from the building if it is disturbing other guests. No other animals are allowed in the building. 


Mobile Phones

Quiet phone calls are allowed everywhere except The Library, and not during the Brain Spa. Please be mindful of others working when on the phone. Movies, videos, songs, internet calls, presentations and all other audio must only be played through headphones and should not be audible to any other member or guest present. The Library is a strict quiet zone. Members are asked to hold discussions and phone calls elsewhere. 



We ask that laptops are put away at 18:00 to ensure enjoyment of the space by other members and customers. This is to allow you to switch off from work, be inspired by new ideas and connect with other members. 



Kindred management and all staff members are required to adhere to the strictest confidentiality standards and pledge to maintain all records and personal information concerning the members and their guests in the strictest confidence.


Illegal drugs/substances/items

No member or guest shall purchase, use, ingest, possess, sell or otherwise distribute illegal drugs or other substances or attempt to do any of the same from any member, guest or shall ask any member of staff for illegal drugs or other substances while on the Kindred premises or in the immediate vicinity thereof. If any of the actions above prove true, the relevant member and/or guest will be removed from the building and the membership in question will be terminated.


No member or guest shall purchase, sell, use or possess any object which is illegal or offensive while on the Kindred premises or in the immediate vicinity thereof. If any such objects are found, the item will be confiscated, the relevant member and/or guest will be removed from the premises, the membership in question will be terminated and depending on the circumstances we may have to call the police or relevant authorities.



All bills must be settled in full before leaving Kindred. There are no credit facilities. Members are responsible for their guests’ bills if they are not paid and such member may face suspension if such unpaid bills are not settled promptly.


Food and Beverages

Please avoid bringing in food and drink from outside into the building or into our designated outdoors area. If you have a medical requirement and need to bring in food or drink for this purpose, please let us know. Talk to us if you find the menu limiting for your dietary needs and we’ll try and find more options for you.


Private Hire and Building Maintenance

We may at times close all or part of the building to members and their guests for private events or for necessary maintenance, repair or redecoration work. Where we close part of the building for private events, please honour and respect the privacy of all private events occurring in the building and refrain from communicating any information about the event to third parties in any medium.


Where all or part of the building is closed for maintenance, repair or redecoration work, or where we need to withdraw facilities or services because we consider that they may pose a risk to the health or safety of our members, guests or staff, or that they are detrimental to the business, we will seek to ensure that any such area, facility or service is reinstated as soon as practicable.


Kindred Events

We love to hear what our members and guests get up to at Kindred. Whilst you are a member or a guest at Kindred, we may ask you to give your views of, and experiences at, Kindred and we may also film, video or photograph our member events and activities for use in our advertising, promotions, public relations, and other commercial/business purposes. If you take part in these interviews or events, you agree that we may use your name, image and limited other information and consent to us publishing any materials produced by, or for us, for any purpose without your further consent and you waive your right to receive any payment from us in connection with such publication.If you don’t wish to be included in any material of this kind, please let us know. 


Accidents and Injuries

We want all our members and guests to relax and enjoy the activities and facilities available at Kindred in safety. If a member or guest has an accident or suffers any injury at, or in the vicinity of Kindred, please report this as soon as possible to a member of staff and in any event within 24 hours of the incident. As well as wanting to check on a member or guest’s well-being, this information is needed in order to help us comply with our health and safety obligations and for insurance purposes.


Entering / Leaving the Premises

All members and their guests are asked to respect our nearby residents by being quiet when entering or leaving the premises or while in the surrounding area.



Members and their guests be aware that for safety reasons, we use CCTV throughout the building at Kindred.



All members and their guests are obligated to abide by our smoking policy in effect and to all applicable no-smoking governmental laws, rules and regulations. No smoking (including e-cigarettes and vapes) is allowed inside  Kindred at any time. Kindred reserves the right to designate certain outside areas of the premises as smoking areas and to change the location of such areas at any time however, all members and their guests are requested to respect the wishes of other members and their guests with respect to smoking and to refrain from smoking when requested to do so.


Disciplinary Procedure

Conduct by a member or guest that is prejudicial to the reputation and character of Kindred may result in suspension or expulsion of such member or guest. Such conduct may include inappropriate, violent or abusive behaviour or the communication of information concerning Kindred’s affairs, members or their guests to the media. An expelled member may not return as a guest or a customer. A refund of the expelled member’s subscription will be at the discretion of Kindred. Any member or members who wilfully remove, damage or destroy any property belonging to Kindred or to members or guests on the premises of Kindred will be liable to expulsion and/or suspension or termination of their membership.


Every member binds him/herself to abide by the rules, bylaws and regulations of Kindred at all times upon acceptance as a member. If Kindred considers that any member’s (or his or her guests) conduct either inside or outside of the Kindred premises is, at its absolute discretion, contrary to the interests of Kindred, Kindred may with immediate effect expel the member or guest from the premises and/or suspend or terminate that member’s membership without having to give any reason to such member or guest.


Rights and Privileges of Members

A member shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of a Kindred membership and shall be bound by these rules but shall have no proprietary rights in the premises or in respect of property of Kindred.



Kindred does not have the facilities to accept post or packages on your behalf. All post sent to Kindred is sent entirely at the member’s risk and Kindred shall not be liable for any loss, damage or destruction to any post or package. 


Liability of Kindred

All items brought into the premises are brought and left entirely at the risk of a member or his or her guests. Kindred, its staff and/or agents shall not be liable to any member or guest for any loss, damage or injury suffered by them or their property howsoever caused, save in respect of death or personal injury to a member or guest to the extent caused by the negligence of Kindred, its servants and/or agents. This is not intended to affect any mandatory rights a member or guest may have under local law that we cannot legally restrict or exclude.


Interpretation of the Rules

In the event of any dispute arising as to the meaning or interpretation of these rules, the matter shall be referred to the Kindred Team, whose decision with respect to your membership shall be final and without appeal. 


These rules shall be governed and construed in accordance with English law and each member agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.


Amendments to the Golden Rules

Kindred may change the Golden Rules from time to time, by displaying notification of the change on www.wearekindred.com. Please be aware that the Golden Rules in your induction pack may not be completely up to date and that the latest version of the Golden Rules and terms & conditions are displayed on www.wearekindred.com.


Should you have any questions regarding your membership and/or our Golden Rules, please contact us at via info@wearekindred.com.




This website, www.wearekindred.com is owned and operated by Kindred Hospitality Ltd. These Terms set forth the terms and conditions under which you may use our website and services as offered by us. This website offers visitors information about ‘Kindred’, our restaurant, bar, café, live events space and co-working space in London, UK. The website also offers visitors to the site opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter, contact us, apply, sign up and pay for a membership, and book events and meals at the venue. By accessing or using the website of our service, you approve that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms.


Requirements for creating an account:


In order to use our website and/or receive our services, you must be at least 16 years of age, or of the legal age of majority in your jurisdiction, and possess the legal authority, right and freedom to enter into these Terms as a binding agreement. You are not allowed to use this website and/or receive services if doing so is prohibited in your country or under any law or regulation applicable to you.


Key Commercial Terms:


When purchasing anything from our website (a membership subscription, tickets to an event or anything else for sale from the website), you agree that: (i) you are responsible for reading the full item listing before making a commitment to buy it: (ii) you enter into a legally binding contract to purchase an item or subscription when you commit to buy an item and you complete the check-out payment process.


The prices we charge for using our services / for our products are listed on the website. We reserve the right to change our prices for products displayed at any time, and to correct pricing errors that may inadvertently occur. Additional information about pricing and sales tax is available on the payments page.


The fee for the services and any other charges you may incur in connection with your use of the service, such as taxes and possible transaction fees, will be charged on a monthly basis to your payment method.


Returns and Refunds:


If you change your mind after buying a Kindred membership, you have a cooling-off period of 14 calendar days (starting the day after the purchase). Simply contact us on info@wearekindred.com with your purchase confirmation information and inform that you would like to cancel your membership subscription. We will then offer you a refund including the joining fee based on the original payment method. If you choose to cancel your membership after the 14 day cooling-off period, contact us with the relevant information and we will arrange a cancellation.


Ownership of intellectual property, copyrights and logos:


The Service and all materials therein or transferred thereby, including, without limitation, software, images, text, graphics, logos, patents, trademarks, service marks, copyrights, photographs, audio, videos, music and all Intellectual Property Rights related thereto, are the exclusive property of Kindred Hospitality Ltd, with the exception of any stock imagery used. Except as explicitly provided herein, nothing in these Terms shall be deemed to create a license in or under any such Intellectual Property Rights, and you agree not to sell, license, rent, modify, distribute, copy, reproduce, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, publish, adapt, edit or create derivative works thereof.

User Community:


All users who join our online community have a public profile that is publicly visible to site visitors, other online community members and Kindred staff. Your public activity (such as posts or comments) will be visible to other visitors of the site. Any user of Wearekindred.com can always opt-out and exit the community, and upon doing so, your user’s profile will not be publicly visible. Naturally, in such event the user will not be able to use community features (e.g. liking, commenting or writing posts).


Promotional Emails and Content:


As per the General Data Protection Regulation that took effect in the EU on 25th May 2018, we will only send you messages and materials with promotional content  by email if you have actively requested to be added to our mailing list. If you decide you no longer wish to receive promotional materials or notices, please just notify us at anytime.


Preference of law and dispute resolution:


These Terms, the rights and remedies provided hereunder, and any and all claims and disputes related hereto and/or to the services, shall be governed by, construed under and enforced in all respects solely and exclusively in accordance with the internal substantive laws of England, UK, without respect to its conflict of laws principles. Any and all such claims and disputes shall be brought in, and you hereby consent to all matters to be resolved via mediation first, after which if unsuccessful will be decided exclusively by a court of competent jurisdiction located in London, UK. The application of the United Nations Convention of Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is hereby expressly excluded.


Customer support details & contact info:


Any and all queries, comments and complaints should be send to info@wearekindred.com. We will strive to address any issue raised quickly and efficiently.


These Terms are effective as of 2nd August 2018.





This website (“Site”) is operated by Kindred Hospitality Limited, a company registered in England and Wales under registration number 10657116 (“Kindred”, “we”, “us” and/or “our”). Our registered address is Bradmore House, Queen Caroline Street, London, W6 9BW. You can contact us as indicated under the “Contact” section below. The data controller responsible for your personal data is the Kindred company with whom you contract as a customer, member or membership applicant (“Kindred”, “we”, “us” and/or “our”).



This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) applies to personal data that we collect from you as a user of this Site or as a membership applicant, member or customer (“you” or “your” being interpreted accordingly). It provides information on what personal data we collect, why we collect the personal data, how it is used and the lawful basis on which your personal data is processed, and what your rights are under the applicable data protection and privacy laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) which became applicable to us and you as of 25 May 2018.


‘Personal data’ as used in this Privacy Policy means any information that relates to you from which you can be identified.


By using our Site or submitting your personal data you are taken to accept the terms of this Privacy Policy, so please read it carefully.



We collect the following personal data about you:


  • Membership Application: The personal details you provide when submitting a membership application. This includes your name, address, e-mail address; business address and phone number; gender and date of birth; country; a picture of yourself; information about your work and other information that you elect to provide to support your application. We also collect information about your debit/credit card and bank account information provided by you to our payment service providers, that we require for the purpose of recording and processing your membership application (and administering your membership). For further details please also refer to the section below headed “Payment Information”.


  • Reservation Information: Guest information, such as your first and last name, email address, billing and payment information (for further details please also refer to the section below headed “Payment Information”). Personal data collected in relation to reservations will be processed in accordance with a privacy policy provided at the time of requesting a reservation so please ensure that you read our privacy notice on the reservation website that we may provide to you when we collect or process your personal data.


  • Other Information: Personal details you choose to give when corresponding with us by phone or e-mail, participating in user/customer/member surveys or otherwise visiting and interacting with this Site or any other websites we operate, and personal data that you provide to us when you visit one of our venues or other premises. We can also combine personal data that you provide to us with other information we collect about you when you make a reservation through third-party services such as online restaurant-reservation or travel fare aggregator websites, as necessary to process your requests.



  • Log Data: When you visit our Site, our servers record information (“log data”), including information that your browser automatically sends whenever you visit the Site. This log data includes your Internet Protocol (“IP”) address (from which we understand the country you are connecting from at the time you visit the Site), browser type and settings, the date and time of your request.


  • Our Site uses cookies (small text files placed on your device) and similar technologies to distinguish you from other users. This is to provide you with a good user experience when you browse our Site and allows us to improve its features. For detailed information on the cookies and similar technologies we use, please see our Cookie Policy.



We use your personal data in the following ways:


  • To acknowledge, confirm and deal with your membership application (and where necessary put you on our waiting list). Such use of your data is necessary in order to implement your request to become a member.


  • Where you are a member, provide you with membership services, administer your membership account and contact you regarding your use of the services. Such use is necessary to respond to or implement your request and for the performance of the contract between you and us.


  • To complete and fulfill your reservation (for example meeting rooms, class bookings), for example, to process your payment, ensure that your room is available, and provide you with related customer service, including sending confirmations or pre-arrival messages, assist you with meetings, events or celebrations. Such use is necessary for the performance of the contract between you and us.


  • To contact you in connection with user/customer/member surveys and use any information you choose to submit in response, provided that you gave us your consent to being contacted in this way at the time you provided us with the personal data.


Kindred and our affiliated businesses may provide you, or permit selected third party service providers to provide you, with information about goods or services, events and other promotions we feel may interest you as a member or membership applicant. We (or such third party providers) will contact you by email only with your consent, which was given at the time you provided us with the personal data.

As necessary for certain legitimate business interests, which include the following:


  •      where we are asked to deal with any enquiries or complaints you make.

to administer our Site, to better understand how visitors interact with our websites and ensure that our Site is presented in the most effective manner for you and for your computer/device.

  • to conduct analytics to inform our marketing strategy and enable us to enhance and personalise the experience we offer to our members and our communications, including by creating customer or member profiles to enable personalised direct marketing communications.


  • to provide postal communications which we think will be of interest to you.


  • if you ask us to delete your data or to be removed from our marketing lists and we are required to fulfil your request, to keep basic data to identify you and prevent further unwanted processing.


  • to share personal data among our affiliated businesses for administrative purposes, for providing membership services and in relation to our sales and marketing activities.


  • we may anonymise, aggregate and de-identify the data that we collect and use such anonymised, aggregated and de-identified data for our own internal business purposes, including sharing it with our current and prospective members, business partners, our affiliated businesses, agents and other third parties for commercial, statistical and market research purposes, for example to allow those parties to analyse patterns among groups of people, and conducting research on demographics, interests and behavior.


  • for internal business/technical operations, including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research, statistical and survey purposes and as part of our efforts to keep our Site, network and information systems secure.


  • to (a) comply with legal obligations, (b) respond to requests from competent authorities; © enforce our Golden Rules; (d) protect our operations or those of any of our affiliated businesses; (e) protect our rights, safety or property, and/or that of our affiliated businesses, you or others; and (f) enforcing or defending legal rights, or preventing damage.


  • We may use your personal data for other purposes which you have consented to at the time of providing your data. 


  • As used in this Privacy Policy, “legitimate interests” means the interests of Kindred and our affiliated businesses in conducting and managing our organisation. When we process your personal data for our legitimate interests, we make sure to consider and balance any potential impact on you, and your rights under data protection laws. Our legitimate interests do not automatically override your interests. We will not use your personal data for activities where our interests are overridden by the impact on you, unless we have your consent or those activities are otherwise required or permitted to by law. You have the right to object at any time to processing of your personal data that is based on our legitimate interests, on grounds relating to your particular situation (for more information on your rights, please see “Your Data Protection Rights” section below).



We share your personal data with third parties in the following situations:


  • Service Providers: Kindred, like many businesses, sometimes hires selected third parties who act on our behalf to support our operations, such as (i) card processing or payment services (see the section below headed “Payment Information”), (ii) credit reference agencies to protect against possible fraud, (iii) IT suppliers and contractors (e.g. data hosting providers or delivery partners) as necessary to provide IT support and enable us to provide membership services and other goods/services available on this Site or to members, (iv) web analytics providers, (v) providers of digital advertising services and (vi) providers of CRM, marketing and sales software solutions. Pursuant to our instructions, these parties may access, process or store your personal data in the course of performing their duties to us and solely in order to perform the services we have hired them to provide.


  • Kindred Affiliated Businesses: We operate on a global scale. In order to provide the services you request from us, our affiliated businesses may access and process the information which we collect from you for the purposes described above, including to offer products and services to you. Our affiliated businesses will only use your data for the purposes for which we originally collected it.


  • Business Transfers: if we sell our business or our company assets are acquired by a third party personal data held by us about our members, membership applicants or customers may be one of the transferred assets.


  • Administrative and Legal Reasons: if we need to disclose your personal data (i) to comply with a legal obligation and/or judicial or regulatory proceedings, a court order or other legal process. (ii) to enforce our Terms & Conditions, Golden Rules or other applicable contract terms that you are subject to or (iii) to protect us, our members, membership applicants, or contractors against loss or damage. This may include (without limit) exchanging information with the police, courts or law enforcement organisations.



Any credit/debit card payments and other payments you make through our Site will be processed by our third party payment providers and the payment data you submit will be securely stored and encrypted by our payment service providers using up to date industry standards. Please note that we do not ourselves directly process or store the debit/credit card data that you submit.


We may arrange that card or payment data you submit in support of a membership application or subscription fee is stored for the purpose of processing your application, initiating your membership and collecting your subscription fees if your initial application is successful (or if you are put on to a membership waiting list, please note that this data may be stored for later use to initiate your membership and subscription).


We store and use this card or payment information for the purpose of processing any future payments that you make as a member for additional goods and services. We will store this data in accordance with our legal obligations under applicable law and only for so long as legally permitted.


You may choose to opt out of us holding your card or payment data although this means that you will need to re-supply us with card/payment details to initiate your membership subscription fee or for the purpose of making any future purchases.



Your personal data will be transferred to and stored in countries other than the country in which the information was originally collected, including the United States and other destinations outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”), to our service providers and affiliated businesses for the purposes described above.


Please note that the countries concerned may not provide the same legal standards for protection of your personal data that you have in the United Kingdom or EEA. Where we transfer your personal data to countries outside of the EEA we will take all steps to ensure that your personal data will continue to be protected. We will implement appropriate safeguards for the transfer of personal data to our service providers in accordance with the applicable law, such as relying on our service providers’ Privacy Shield certification or implementing standard contractual clauses for data transfers. We have implemented data transfer agreements pursuant to applicable data protection law in order to implement appropriate safeguards for the transfer of personal data to Kindred group companies in countries outside the EEA. If you would like to receive more information on the safeguards that we implement, including copies of relevant data transfer contracts, please contact us as indicated below.



Where we have given you (or where you have chosen) a password or log-in which enables you to access certain restricted parts of our Site, you are responsible for doing everything you reasonably can to keep these details secret. You must not share your password or log-in details with anyone else.


Unfortunately, the transmission of information over the internet or public communications networks can never be completely secure. We will take appropriate technical and organisational security measures to protect the personal data that you submit to us against unauthorised/unlawful access or loss, destruction or damage, although we cannot 100% guarantee the security of personal data that you provide to us online.



We will keep your personal data only for as long as is reasonably necessary for the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy, or for the duration required by any legal, regulatory, accounting or reporting requirements, whichever is the longer. In particular, we retain membership records for six years after expiration or termination of your membership. We retain information submitted through the Site and the other websites we operate for two years following account closure or contact with you, as applicable. When you consent to receive marketing communications, we will keep your data until you unsubscribe.

To determine the appropriate retention period for your personal data, we consider the amount, nature, and sensitivity of the personal data, the purposes for which we process your personal data, applicable legal requirements or operational retention needs, and whether we can achieve those purposes through other means.


Upon expiry of the applicable retention period we will securely destroy your personal data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. In some circumstances we may anonymise your personal data so that it can no longer be associated with you, in which case it is no longer personal data.



Certain applicable data protection laws give you specific rights in relation to your personal data. In particular, if the processing of your personal data is subject to the GDPR, you have the following rights in relation to your personal data:


  • Right of access: If you ask us, we will confirm whether we are processing your personal data and, if so, provide you with a copy of that personal data along with certain other details such as the purpose of the data processing. If you require additional copies, we may need to charge a reasonable fee.


  • Right to rectification: If your personal data is inaccurate or incomplete, you are entitled to ask that we correct or complete it. If we shared your personal data with others, we will tell them about the correction where possible. If you ask us, and where possible and lawful to do so, we will also tell you with whom we shared your personal data so you can contact them directly.


  • Right to erasure: You may ask us to delete or remove your personal data, such as where our legal basis for the processing is your consent and you withdraw consent. If we shared your data with others, we will tell them about the erasure where possible. If you ask us, and where possible and lawful to do so, we will also tell you with whom we shared your personal data with so you can contact them directly. We may continue processing personal data where this is necessary for a legitimate interest in doing so, as described in this Privacy Policy.


  • Right to restrict processing: You may ask us to restrict or ‘block’ the processing of your personal data in certain circumstances, such as where you contest the accuracy of the personal data or object to us processing it. We will tell you before we lift any restriction on processing. If we shared your personal data with others, we will tell them about the restriction where possible. If you ask us, and where possible and lawful to do so, we will also tell you with whom we shared your personal data so you can contact them directly.


  • Right to data portability: You have the right to obtain your personal data from us that you consented to give us or that was provided to us as necessary in connection with our contract with you. We will provide you with your personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. You may reuse it elsewhere.


  • Right to object: You may ask us at any time to stop processing your personal data, and we will do so:


  • If we are relying on a legitimate interest to process your personal data — unless we demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for the processing or

  • If we are processing your personal data for direct marketing.


  • Right to withdraw consent: If we rely on your consent to process your personal data, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. This will not affect the lawfulness of processing of your data before we received notice that you wished to withdraw your consent.


  • Right to lodge a complaint with the data protection authority: If you have a concern about our privacy practices, including the way we handled your personal data, you can report it to the UK data protection authority (the Information Commissioner’s Office or ICO), or, as the case may be, any other competent data protection authority of an EU member state that is authorised to hear those concerns (you may find EU Data Protection Authorities’ contact information here.)


If you wish to exercise any of these rights please contact us as described in the “Contact” section below. We may also need to ask you for further information to verify your identity before we can respond to any request.



Any changes we may make to our Privacy Policy in the future will be posted on this page. Please check back frequently to see any updates or modifications. If required by the applicable law, we will notify you of any material or substantive changes to this Privacy Policy.



Questions, comments or requests regarding this Privacy Policy should be addressed to info@wearekindred.com.


These Terms are effective as of 2nd August 2018.



Kindred Hospitality Ltd.

Last updated 28 Jan 2019.


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A cookie is a piece of information sent to your browser from a website and stored on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies can help a website like ours recognise repeat users and allow a website to track web usage behaviour. Cookies work by assigning a number to the user that has no meaning outside of the assigning website. For more details on cookies and similar technologies please visit All About Cookies.

Cookies can be stored on your computer for different periods of time. “Session cookies” only last for as long as the browser session and are deleted automatically once you close your browser. “Persistent cookies” cookies survive after your browser is closed until a defined expiration date set in the cookie (as determined by the third party placing it), and help recognise your computer when you open your browser and browse the Internet again.


The Site uses first party cookies (cookies set directly by us and are essential for using and navigating our services) as well as third-party cookies, as described below.


We also use pixel tags (usually in combination with cookies), from the third parties described below, to get information about your usage of the Site and our services. Pixel tags are a technology similar to cookies that can be embedded in online content or within the body of an email for the purpose of tracking activity on websites (for example, to know when content has been shown to you), or to know when you have viewed particular content or a particular email message.


Types of Cookies Used


Type: Strictly Necessary; Session

Description: We use cookies that are strictly necessary to provide you with services available through our Site and to use some of its features, such as the ability to log-in and access to secure areas as well as the ability to make payments. These cookies are essential for using and navigating the Site. Without these cookies, basic functions of the Site would not work. We use session cookies to help our Site remember what you have selected on previous pages, avoiding the need to re-enter information. These cookies are temporary and expire once the browser is closed.

• Payments Engine

• Current Branch

• Identity Service

• Identity Session

• OriginalURL


Opt Out: Because these cookies are strictly necessary to deliver the Site and our services, you cannot refuse them.


Type: Analytics / Performance; Persistent

Google Analytics: Google Analytics helps understand how visitors use the Site. Google, Inc. (“Google”) will use this information on our behalf to evaluate your use of the Site, compile reports on Site activity and similar data relating to use of the. Your IP address and other information collected by this cookie will be sent to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. To learn how Google uses data collected on our Site, visit https://policies.google.com/privacy/partners?hl=en-GB&gl=uk. Learn more on the individual cookies and their expiration at: https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/analyticsjs/cookie-usage.

Bing: These analytics cookies, provided by Microsoft, Inc. are used to collect information about how visitors use our Site. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the Site, where visitors have come to the Site from and the pages they visited. These cookies expire after 1 year. Learn more here: https://privacy.microsoft.com/en-gb/privacystatement

Opt Out: You can block or delete cookies by changing the browser settings as explained under the “Your Choices” section below. To opt out of Google Analytics, you can download and install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on for your current web browser at the following link: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en


Type: Functionality; Persistent

Spotify: Some of our websites embed playlists from Spotify. When visiting any of our pages with a Spotify playlist, these cookies may be presented. Expiration of these cookies depends on the cookies used (generally, between 1 day and 2 months). Learn more here: https://www.spotify.com/uk/legal/privacy-policy/ 

YouTube: Some of our websites embed videos or include links from YouTube. When visiting any of our pages with content from YouTube these cookies may be presented. Expiration of these cookies depends on the cookies used (generally, between 6 months – 2 years). Learn more here: https://policies.google.com/technologies/types

Open Table: We use OpenTable to give you the ability to make bookings online at our restaurants. The cookies from OpenTable allow us to provide this functionality. Learn more here https://www.opentable.com/legal/privacy-policy

Dropbox: Our careers website allows you to upload files from Dropbox. Because we integrate Dropbox into our website, these cookies may be presented on some pages our website. Expiration of these cookies depends on the cookies used (generally, between 1 day – 5 years). Learn more here https://www.dropbox.com/en_GB/privacy

Vimeo: Some of our websites embed videos from Vimeo. When visiting any of our pages with content from Vimeo these cookies may be presented. They expire after 2 years. Learn more here https://vimeo.com/privacy 

Opt Out: You can block or delete cookies by changing the browser settings as explained under the “Your Choices” section below.


Type: Advertising; Persistent

Facebook: Facebook helps you stay in touch with your network through your website/mobile application. Because we include a link for you to view our Facebook profiles via our Site, Facebook includes an advertising cookie on the Site. These cookies expire after 2 months. Learn more here: https://www.facebook.com/policies/cookies/

DoubleClick: Enables Google and its partners to serve ads to you based on your visit to our Site. Learn more about Google’s privacy practices here: http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/.

Twitter: Twitter provides real time updates from across the globe on the latest trending stories, ideas and opinions from the Twitter accounts or hashtags that you choose to follow. We make it easier for you to share our website content over Twitter. Learn more here: https://twitter.com/en/privacy 

Opt Out: You can block or delete cookies by changing the browser settings as explained under the “Your Choices” section below. The providers listed below also offer direct opt-out functionalities:

Facebook: To opt out, please visit https://www.f.acebook.com/help/769828729705201.

DoubleClick: You may opt out of personalised advertising by visiting Google’s Ads Settings at the following link: https://adssettings.google.com/authenticated. You can also prevent your data from being collected by DoubleClick on our Site by downloading and installing the DoubleClick Opt-out Browser Add-on for your current web browser at the following link: https://support.google.com/ads/answer/7395996.


Your Choices


Please note that if you limit the ability of websites to set cookies, you may be unable to access certain parts of the Site and you may not be able to benefit from the full functionality of the Site.


Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can alter the settings of your browser to erase cookies or prevent automatic acceptance. Please see the links below for guidance on how to modify your web browser’s settings on the most popular browsers:


Cookie Settings in Internet Explorer: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/17442/windows-internet-explorer-delete-manage-cookies


Cookie Settings in Firefox: https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/cookies-information-websites-store-on-your-computer?redirectlocale=en-US&redirectslug=Cookies


Cookie Settings in Google Chrome: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=en


Cookie Settings in Safari:


Most advertising networks offer you a way to opt out of targeted advertising. If you would like to find out more information, please visit http://www.aboutads.info/choices/ or http://www.youronlinechoices.com.



We may change the type of third-party service providers that place cookies on the Site and amend this Cookie Policy at any time by posting the amended version on the Site. Unless additional notice or consent is required by applicable laws, this will serve as your notification of these changes.


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