Six ways to be more productive while working from home

six ways to be more productive when working from home

Productivity is often a challenge for anybody. ‘How to be more productive when working from home’ comes with its own particular set of obstacles. So why does working from home seem like such a drainer for productivity? Between walking the dog, watching TV, loading the dishwasher, and making toast, you’re not going to fit in those 40 PowerPoint slides Nigel from Finance has been asking for… Would you like to keep your own personal Nigel off your back?

Here are Kindred’s top six tips for staying productive while working from home.

Turn off notifications

No more red badges on my apps; that was the goal. I recently turned off my notifications on my phone. No annoying banners pop up on my hold screen, no alerts to any messages, and definitely no little red badges. But, the key is moderation. Tough at first, but turning off your notifications will help you stay focused. You will also earn some sweet bragging rights for a couple of weeks: “I’ve turned my notifications off, so I’m really all about living in the moment right now… So Zen. So Namaste.”

Make a list and report to yourself

Tell yourself what you are going to do today then write it down in priority order. When you’ve completed a task, cross it off. It will help you manage your time if you break it up into mini sub-tasks. Be prepared to ask yourself: “What do I need to do to get this one task completed?” You’re your own manager when working at home, so manage yourself… Otherwise, as your manager, you may have to fire yourself because you’re not getting any work done. Gosh, your manager seems ruthless.

Open the window

Working at home can be a lot like working in a casino. You bet some high stakes that you’ll get all your work done, but you could actually just end up losing. As well as this, if you lose track of time you’ll fall behind on your work. Keep your head in the game by keeping your windows open. Witness morning change to noon, noon dim into the evening, and eventually, the workday close. Casinos close their windows on purpose; to keep you there. You need to work by natural sunlight, not only for your wellbeing but to also keep as a subtle reminder that time is getting on. This isn’t vegas, you need to call it quits and fold (your laptop) sometime soon.

Dress to impress (yourself)

*Ring ring* It’s an impromptu video call. It’s your newest client/ your boss/ your mum. Getting dressed will not only mean that you look good on screen. Getting dressed will put yourself in the mind frame that you’ll be working today. It’s not necessary to wear a business suit, but at least changing from your pyjamas to something casual will do the trick.

Tomato time!

Use the Pomodoro method. This tip comes straight from our Co-working Member, Kay Morgan. Kay is running productivity sessions throughout the whole of September for the rest of our co-working members. The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method (Francesco Cirillo, back in the 80s). The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, and then separated by short breaks.

Start your own co-working space

Do not try to replicate a co-working office business model – trust us, it’s quite tricky. What you can do instead is find some people in your field of work to start a little group working session. At Kindred we run a Power Hour for our members. By forming your own small group of co-workers you can network and soundboard off of each other. You’ll also avoid feelings of loneliness and isolation, compared to working alone. Working in a co-working setting is said to make you more productive in itself. “Happy people are more productive.” Says NuMundo storyteller, Toby Israel. “Coworking, like parallel play, is fun. It addresses our human need for interaction, support, community and stimulation in a holistic way. When our needs are met, we can focus that happy energy on getting sh*t done.”

All in all, while you may think it’s all mind over matter, your physical environment can prime you for a good day ahead. Try to manage your time effectively, and you know what they say: you can never be too prepared.

Lewis Good

Lewis Good is the Communications Manager here at Kindred. While fulfilling all archetypes of an extrovert, he has a talent for colour-coding and spreadsheets. Known as the “spread-sheet guy”, the “loud one with the glasses”, and “the one who's good with puns”. Talk to him about Kindred's Social Media, the weekly newsletters, marketing, and plug sockets.

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