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Kindred Golden Rules

To keep everyone happy and everything running smoothly, we have 9 Golden Rules that we require you and your guests to follow.


1. Enjoy our food and drink

We hope you make the most of Kindred by tasting our amazing food and drink, and kindly refrain from bringing in food and drink from outside unless it’s medically necessary. If you have any specific allergens or dietary requirements let us know and we would be happy to accommodate that.


2. Phones are allowed, but be mindful of others

Telephone calls are allowed in all the rooms apart from the Library. All we ask is that you be respectful of others nearby. If you have an important call, let reception know and they might be able to find you a quiet spot. We also have our dedicated phone booth on the top floor as well as the window seating next to the lockers to take calls. 


3. Include your friends

You are allowed to check-in up to three guests a day for an unlimited time. Guests must be seated with or near you and please do not leave the club whilst they're still here. Have more than three guests? Book a table for dinner in advance for more than three.


4. Open door policy

Unless you have hired one of the rooms for private use, please keep the doors open so that your fellow members can use the rooms too. If you would like to book the room, speak to reception and they will organise it for you. 


5. The Library is a quiet room

The Library is a quiet room. Feel free to work in there when the room is available and there isn’t a sign on the door. But please remember it is a quiet space for those wanting to focus away from distractions.


6. Children 

Your child can attend as one of your guests and attend age-appropriate events with you. Please do not leave your child unattended in the building. The baby changing facility is located on the bottom floor by The Cellar, which is easily accessible by the elevator in the middle of the building by the stairs. 


7. Pets

You can bring your dog to Kindred providing they’re clean and dry, stay on the lead, stay off the furniture, and don’t disturb other people. We reserve the right to refuse entry to your dog.


8. Zero tolerance for bad behaviour

We have zero tolerance for illegal drug use, and expect you to be kind and polite to our staff and other members and guests. Please be mindful that you are responsible for your guests’ behaviour while at Kindred, and we reserve the right to ask you and your guests to leave if any behaviour compromises our ability to keep Kindred a safe, abuse-free space.


9. You are our eyes and ears

Please give us feedback and any ideas you have to make Kindred even more enjoyable for you. Our space is designed with our members in mind, so please let us know if something isn’t quite right, can be improved, and of course, if you’re having a great time, too!