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  • 13 work summer party ideas for companies of all sizes

    It’s about that time again: office summer party season. Which also means that it’s time to get cracking with planning […]

  • How to do anti-racist work as an ally: Nova Reid at Kindred

    It’s been one month since we welcomed author and activist Nova Reid to Kindred for an insightful discussion on how […]

  • Meet artist Lucy Evans, whose work hangs on the walls of our Library

    Nestled on the top floor of Kindred, away from the hustle of the Hall and the bustle of the bar, […]

  • Gold and Ashes honours and humanises the Grenfell tragedy

    On the 14th day of every month since the Grenfell tragedy, the community gather to walk together through the streets […]

  • Inside the anti-racist history of Carnival

    Many of us know Notting Hill Carnival as a colourful, loud, and perhaps boozy affair. The annual street festival is […]

  • Meet the collective creating safe spaces for queer folks in London

    Starting a collective based around live events months before a global pandemic doesn’t sound much like a recipe for success. […]

  • A Master’s guide to getting started with cheese tasting

    If Maître Fromager Noemie Richard could marry any cheese, she would choose Saint Agur, a blue cheese from the Auvergne […]

  • Meet altid, the clothing startup tackling climate change in the fashion industry

    “If you go down Oxford street, it’s all you see: sustainable, sustainable, sustainable,” says Josh Carpenter, co-Founder of carbon negative […]

  • How can we best serve our community, post-pandemic?

    Perhaps for the first time during this pandemic, many of us are starting to feel a sense of hope that […]

  • Kindred’s guide to choosing good table wine

    This year during ‘Dry January’, Waitrose reported that weekly wine sales had increased by a third. Perhaps this is because […]