Kindred’s Guide to the Festive Season

Kindred's guide to the festive season

The holiday season can be a tiring schlep for the best of us, but there isn’t any reason you should resort to untangling fairy lights for entertainment. If you want to have your whole December sorted this year, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of fun, some free, activities to fill this festive season with joy.

Bored of everyone else’s Christmas cards?

It’s truly an awkward moment when you go to a friend’s house, hand them over the Christmas card you meticulously selected for them, only for them to place it next to an identical card. Avoid that situation this year and Join Papier for a festive watercolour workshop taught by illustrator, Emma Block. Create your own wreath card designs whilst developing skills and techniques, including colour mixing and paint effects.

Deck the halls with DIY decorations
The circular shape of a Christmas wreath, in Christian religions, represents eternity – for it has no beginning and no end. This year we’re going to be “decking the halls” [you’re welcome] with a gorgeous Christmas wreath for your front door. Who’s making them? You. Who’s helping? Francis Smith Flowers. When is it? That’s all here.

That moment when you agreed to organise the Christmas reunion dinner
While McDonald’s is exciting its customers with the unveiling of its Christmas 2019 menu, we have something entirely different, and much more premium in our calendar. Known for their outstanding vocals and distinctive style, Urban Voices Collective are back at Kindred for another sizzling performance and supper club. All we want for Christmas this year is to entertain you.

Can’t find any matching tags for your gifts?
Up your gift-wrapping game with the stunning art of calligraphy. It’s a set of skills and techniques for positioning and inscribing words so they show integrity, harmony, and creative flair. People say “it’s the thought that counts” when it comes down to giving gifts, but we disagree.

When you want to listen to something that isn’t Mariah’s ‘All I want for Christmas’
Your poinsettias are wilting, you’re already dreading singing old lang syne, and you’re all “festive’d out”. We have a couple of alternatives. Free entry to a Jazz Bar on a Thursday and free entry to Kindred Live Fridays on a Friday. Every weekend we transform Kindred into a destination where we sing, we dance, and socialise; we encourage you to have a moment where you forget it’s that time of year, and join us…

Take 2019 out with a bang!
Fire up the ‘NYE group chat’ because it’s about time you became the Social Secretary of your friendship group. We’re keen to start off 2020 in style! Which means we’re avoiding sticky tubes – yes, we’re talking about you, Piccadilly Line. There are still some Early Bird tickets available for our own NYE party at Kindred. We can promise you the following: great live music, delicious canapés, a complimentary welcome drink, and a down-right good time.

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