Moules, chalk stream trout, and spring vegetables: Introducing Kindred’s spring menu

Kindred Spring menu

There’s something poetic about the fact that Londoners are emerging from lockdown just as the trappings of spring are starting to creep in. There’s still a chill in the mornings, sure, but flowers are starting to bloom and daylight hours are stretching out that tiny bit longer. It’s also the season for spring greens — asparagus, peas, sugar snaps — and time to refresh our menu.

Kindred’s spring menu continues our London Fusion concept, which celebrates the diverse cuisines and flavours within our city, and draws inspiration from Malaysian, British, Chinese, Moroccan, Mexican, and Belgian cuisines. Here’s a closer look at some of our favourite dishes from the menu.

Chalk Stream Trout - Kindred menu

Pan roasted chalk stream trout

From the famed Test and Itchen rivers of Hampshire, our rainbow trout is grown in a chalk stream river — water from underground chalk aquifers and springs that flows across flinty gravel, that some call a “perfect” source of clear water. The majority of the world’s chalk streams are found in England, and give fish a unique, clean taste.

The fast flow of the river means that the trout are constantly swimming, and are therefore very lean and low in fat. Plus, the chalk creates a natural filtering process which eliminates the muddy taste that is sometimes associated with rainbow trout.

Our trout is pan-roasted and served with seasonal spring vegetables — pea and asparagus smash, broad beans — along with carrot air, made with aerated carrot juice, and some zesty lemon butter.

Kindred's Spring Menu - ramen

Spicy mushroom laksa

Laska is one of the most popular and well-known dishes from Southeast Asia, and is thought to be something of a fusion dish itself, with Chinese, Malay, and Indonesian influences. It’s a spicy noodle soup that can be made with coconut milk (sometimes called ‘curry laksa’) or without (‘assam laksa’).

There are multiple variations of the dish across Southeast Asia — in Thailand, Siamese Laksa comes with red curry paste and a generous amount of coconut milk, while the dish is served with rolled-up, flat rice noodles in some parts of Malaysia. What makes a laksa, a laksa, though is the complex combination of flavours: salty, creamy, rich, fragrant, spicy. It’s comfort food at its finest, which is no doubt why this humble dish is still so celebrated today.

Kindred’s laksa is made without coconut milk, and gets its rich flavour from the umami of mushrooms. We add rice noodles, bok choi, and bean sprouts, plus a hint of chilli.

Moule Mariniere with fresh-baked bread  - Kindred menu

Moule mariniere with fresh-baked bread

Also sometimes known as ‘sailor-style’ mussels, moules mariniere is perhaps the most well-known way to serve mussels: in their shells and cooked in a white wine sauce. At Kindred, we cook our mussels in cream, white wine, garlic, and parsley.

Originating from either Brussels or France (some note that the dish likely comes from the coast between The Hague and Brest), the dish gets its name from the quick and simple way it can be prepared — perfect for sailors cooking their dinner in a tiny ship gallery. If you were to order moules-frites off of a menu, it’s highly likely that the mussel element of the dish will be moules mariniere.

Moules mariniere combines the fresh saltiness of the sea with a creamy richness and subtle tang of white wine — a delicate balance of flavours that’s classic for a reason.

Churros - Kindred menu


A dessert that needs no introduction. These deep-fried sticks of dough come from Mexico but are crowd-pleasers all over the world. Churros are usually dipped in cinnamon sugar after they’ve been fried and served with a rich chocolate sauce, and we see no reason to serve them any differently.

Kindred are currently accepting table bookings for groups of up to six people in our heated outdoor terrace. Our building, including our indoor restaurant space, will be available for booking from May 17th. Learn more about what we’re doing to keep Kindred safe, read the full menu here, and book a table here



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