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Kindred Bradmore House

When refitting Bradmore house to accommodate the needs of Kindred the focus was, and always will be, promoting community. Next to that, it was crucial that whilst we modernised particular features, and made the space functional, we preserved other details that gave the building character.

For the Co-Working Members at Kindred, this means that each room serves a purpose – making it easy to complete tasks, network with other members, and find places to take a quick call. We want everyone who visits Kindred to feel at home, especially to those who may have been mixing their home with their work

The Hall

Spacious, bright, and multifunctional. The Hall, and the raised fireplace within it, is the beating heart of Kindred. 

Adorned with natural light that bursts through the arched windows, The Hall is the perfect room to settle into if you need to get your work done. It’s made especially for those who are most comfortable with a bit of background noise, enjoy freshly ground barista coffee, and like to talk while you work.

As daytime, the natural light fades into twilight, and the music becomes more upbeat, The Hall natural morphs into a more relaxing evening lounge. Ready for happy hour with friends, or a live music event, The Hall showcases everything Kindred has to offer.

The Library

Atmospheric, warm, and elegant. The Library is a room for anyone wanting a moment of peace. 

With an entire wall filled with books, The Library is a breathtaking room to enter. Whether it’s to complete your to-do lists, impress clients with a unique meeting space, or find a haven from the hustle and bustle, the Library is favourite amongst co-workers at Kindred. 

As the working day ends, the library transforms into a romantic and quirky venue space. Perfect for catching up with friends, having a private dinner, or finishing off some important jobs from the working week.

The Salon

Airy, inviting, and relaxing. The Salon is a room designed to stimulate conversations.

Clusters of seating areas are positioned to facilitate discussions between members. Named the Salon to replicate the function of the reception room in a Georgian House, where the host would lead ‘Salons’ for people to debate the more prominent topics at the time

A break out space for private meetings, and space for Co-working members to make video calls in a well-lit room. The Salon is an open room serving multiple purposes, workspace by day and a lounge by night. 


The Bradmore Room

Intimate, formal, and charming. The Bradmore Room is a space for those who need privacy. 

The large oval table acts as the centre point of the room, complete with all the facilities a meeting room should need. This meeting room seats up to ten and is completely private for the teams who book it. For co-working members during the day, this room is kept open for those who need fewer distractions, or more private chats. 

During the day, the Bradmore Room serves as a chic meeting room space – during the evening, the Bradmore Room is an intimate private dining space.

The Butterwick Room

Grand, classic, and quintessentially Georgian. The Butterwick Room is the epitome of a Georgian house. 

Like an older sibling to The Bradmore room, this Butterwick Room takes its’ name after the mansion that Bradmore House was built as an annex to, Butterwick House. The white Georgian columns framing the room are highlighted by the heritage navy walls, emphasising the reason that the building is Grade 2 listed. 

Serving as a silent workspace during the day to Co-Working Members, The Butterwick Room is a favourite for Supper Clubs, business workshops, and the most important private meetings.

Lewis Good is the Communications Manager here at Kindred. While fulfilling all archetypes of an extrovert, he has a talent for colour-coding and spreadsheets. Known as the “spread-sheet guy”, the “loud one with the glasses”, and “the one who's good with puns”. Talk to him about Kindred's Social Media, the weekly newsletters, marketing, and plug sockets.

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