Inside Kindred: An evening of sustainable fashion

An evening of sustainable fashion

Last week we celebrated World Environment Day with a wonderful ‘Evening of Ethical Fashion’, organised by the amazing team at Just Sustain It. With several suitcases of pre-loved pieces, and a generous donation of rails and hangers from Vault Couture, Kindred’s first Clothes Swap and Sustainable Fashion Panel took place with a huge turnout, making the whole evening even more inspirational. All proceeds were donated to Cool Earth, and surplus items from the Clothes Swap were donated to Oxfam.

For those who couldn’t make it down, here is a little recap of what went on. The evening was all about “the principles of conscious consumption”; being aware of your environmental footprint, slowing down your consumption of products and clothes, learning from our excellent, and expert speakers. On top of all that: we had the brilliant Beata Dib repairing the garments you love.

Key speaker takeaways

Charlie Bradley Ross, the founder of Offset Warehouse:
When buying cotton you should try and opt for organic and/or Fairtrade cotton because otherwise, you are contributing to the use of pesticides, fertilisers and gargantuan amounts of water, (so much so that whole lakes and rivers have dried up). Linen, hemp and bamboo products are much better in environmental and social terms. It’s a very exciting time for retail right now, there are really innovative new materials being used in clothing. clothing made from recycled pineapple and banana skins being only some of them, so keep your eyes “peeled” for these materials when shopping.

Eleanor O’Leary, The Better Brand Consultant:
The phrase “Fast Fashion” is not synonymous with “cheap clothing”. Yes some lower priced, high street brands, will churn out several clothing lines a season, with a quick turnaround of products in response to snap trends. But it is crucial to realise that sometimes luxury brands are more damaging to the environment than high street alternatives; and are still equally guilty of overproducing, polluting the environment and lacking worker’s rights in the supply chain.

Lewis Good

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