How are we reopening?

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The question a lot of people in the community have been asking is, “When do you think you will reopen?” The earliest we will be able to open is the 4th July 2020, which is the date we’ll be working towards unless otherwise indicated. We’ve compiled some of the measures we’re putting in place to ensure your safety is paramount, below:


Is there a limit to how many people can be in Kindred at one time? 

We will be capping the number of groups present on each floor to ensure you can have an appropriate distance between you and others using the space. If you’d like to have brunch, lunch, dinner or drinks in the Cellar, we’d recommend calling ahead and booking a table.


Do people need to book appointments? Or, has the booking process changed?

If you’d like a tour of the members club, you will need to book in advance. Please write to (open from 3rd August). Meeting rooms are available from 3rd August.


Have your opening hours changed?

From 4th July we will be operating in the Cellar only (ground floor), with the rest of the building opening for members and guests from 3rd August.

Monday – Friday 8am – 10pm,  

Saturday 10am – 10pm

Sunday 10am – 4pm


What are your payment options?

We have always been a cashless business, and have contactless payment available. You can also save your card details on our system so that you can be charged without even having your card on you. Ask a manager to set this up for you if you’re interested.


What is Kindred doing to keep the building as safe as possible?

Bradmore house has a top of the range, fresh air ventilation system. This means that fresh air is brought in from outside, filtered, passed through the building and extracted. This is the next best thing to being outside in the fresh air. We are increasing the frequency of disinfecting furniture, surfaces and door handles throughout the day. We’ll be operating a full check-in, check out system so we can inform you if you may have been in proximity with someone who is unwell.


What precautions are staff taking to ensure a safe environment for your customers? Will they be wearing masks or standing at a distance? How will interactions be different?

Staff will be temperature checked at the start of their shift. They will be sent home if they have a raised temperature. Staff will be wearing masks so that they can serve you food and drink safely, and gloves will be changed every 30 minutes. Hand washing is by far the best way to prevent transmission.  The practice of 20 second-hand washing is already well established within the team.


How do we book?

Email if you’d like to reserve a table in the Cellar, or arrange a tour of the full Members Club and meeting rooms from 3rd August.


Why is the members space not opening until 3rd August?

We’re making some upgrades to the building which will be completed by the end of July. If we’re able to get open any earlier, we will be in touch. In the meantime, the Cellar on the bottom floor will be open from the 4th of July for food and drink so please do pop in and see us.

I’m not ready to commit to a membership given the uncertainty of this time. What are my options?

We totally understand that it’s hard to make long term plans right now. Because of this, we wanted to offer a totally free trial month of membership for August this year. Contact us on to register interest (limited spaces available).

Please do not hesitate to contact if you have a question which has not been answered above. This email is still monitored Monday to Friday.

Anna Anderson

Anna Anderson

Anna Anderson is the Co-Founder and Director of Kindred.

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