A Vision for the Future of Co-Working

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The future of work was already changing before we were hit by a pandemic. Now, it’s looking like the landscape could change all over again. Theories are emerging about whether workplaces will reintroduce the partitioned offices of the past, boxing in and isolating people from one another, or dissolving offices altogether and making people work from home. All of these may keep us safer, but bring back isolation and loneliness into the workforce; something that society was keen to move away from before.

“It would be a tragedy to wake up in the post-pandemic world and see nothing but shells where beautiful businesses used to stand.”

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Our co-working community is at the heart of what Kindred is all about. We believe that incredible things can happen when you bring people together in person and encourage authentic human connection and collaboration. We’re working on a reopening strategy that can keep people as safe as possible while also upholding the fundamental values that Kindred was built on.

Here are 8 things that we’re committed to implementing once we reopen (subject to change with any new guidance).

  1. We will likely make all three floors a members and guests only space temporarily; for both co-working and social members, while still offering our outdoor space and takeaway options for the public. We will initiate a full check-in and check-out system for members and any guests, so that we can operate our own localised track and trace system. If anyone is reported to be unwell in the building with symptoms of COVID-19, we can get the alert out to everyone as quickly as possible.
  2. Providing they are available on the market by the time we’re open, we will be offering free testing (if available, both antigen and antibody tests) to members and staff every two weeks.
  3. We are using the time now to facilitate a redesign of the space, including the furniture in the building to allow for more effective physical spacing between people than was possible before, without losing the feeling of openness.
  4. Though we typically host an open co-working model with no fixed desks, we will introduce a co-working booking system. Members will be able to book their favourite spot for the days that they’ll be in so that they can feel confident that they will be the only one sitting at their table if that’s what they would like.
  5. We will introduce a maximum capacity of members in the building each day to ensure proper distancing can be maintained.
  6. We will be getting into the habit of disinfecting furniture, door handles, taps, bannisters, the bar and all other surfaces at regular intervals throughout the day, as well as having our full professional clean every night.
  7. Face masks will be worn by our bartenders and chefs, and gloves (changed every 30 mins) will be worn by all floor, bar and kitchen staff. Food and drink will be served near to members for them to collect to avoid close contact.
  8. We will be checking temperatures of staff at the beginning of their shift and sending home anyone with elevated temperatures.

We’re living in an unpredictable chapter, so the most important thing a business can do is to be flexible; adapting as much as possible to the needs of the times. But most importantly, businesses need to continue to uphold and protect the values that they were built around and that brought your customers to you in the first place.

It would be a tragedy to wake up in the post-pandemic world and see nothing but shells where beautiful businesses used to stand. We need to continue to be inventive and proactive in how we keep each other safe, while also believing in and building a more beautiful and human future to take us through to the other side.


Kindred is currently offering advance annual memberships at a third off the normal price, as well as discounted vouchers for food and drink and room bookings. Buying any of these go a really long way to supporting Kindred during this challenging time.

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Anna Anderson

Anna Anderson

Anna Anderson is the Co-Founder and Director of Kindred.

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