Founder’s letter

Members’ clubs should welcome people in, not keep them out

By Anna Anderson / August 6, 2020

When I started Kindred, I wanted to create a space that made people feel welcome. I was a social worker at the time, and had seen first-hand how important community…

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A Vision for the Future of Co-Working

By Anna Anderson / May 14, 2020

The future of work was already changing before we were hit by a pandemic. Now, it’s looking like the landscape could change all over again. Theories are emerging about whether…

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What Happens When You Pivot Your Hospitality Business Online?

By Anna Anderson / May 7, 2020

I have a dark day every now and then. A dark day for me is feeling anxious, fearful, demotivated, resigned and a touch of despair all at once. I’m sure I’m…

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The Hidden Human Cost of Lockdown

By Anna Anderson / April 6, 2020

The Hidden Human Cost of Lockdown I had butterflies in my stomach two weeks ago as I settled in to watch the announcement from Number 10 that there was going…

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One messy, glorious year of building community

By Anna Anderson / January 23, 2020

This time last year, surrounded by half-assembled furniture, the last of the boxes and not a little builders’ dust, I settled down on the banquette in The Cellar, our sparkly…

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We Work, Differently: A Letter from our Founder

By Anna Anderson / October 14, 2019

The last few weeks I’ve been glued to the news; WeWork, once representing the heights of dramatic success in the co-working industry, has hit catastrophic waves of uncertainty; where charisma…

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