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Kindred have recently changed their membership structure. Read more below to learn about the changes and how they apply to you

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Reopening FAQs: Keeping Kindred safe

What is Kindred doing to keep the building as safe as possible?

We have a top-of-the-range, fresh air ventilation system which means fresh air is brought in from outside, filtered, passed through the building and extracted. This is the next best thing to being outside in the fresh air. We are increasing the frequency of disinfecting furniture, surfaces and door handles throughout the day, and we’ll be operating a full check-in, check out a system so we can inform you if you may have been in proximity with someone who has reported becoming unwell.


What precautions are staff taking to ensure a safe environment for your customers? Will they be wearing masks or standing at a distance? How will interactions be different?

Our staff will be temperature checked at the start of their shift and sent home if they have a raised temperature. Staff will be wearing masks so that they can serve you food and drink safely, and gloves will be changed every 30 minutes. Hand washing is by far the best way to prevent transmission, and the practice of 20-second hand washing is already well established within the team.


Is there a limit to how many people can be in Kindred at one time? 

We will be capping the number of groups present on each floor to ensure you can have appropriate distance between you and others using the space. If you’d like to have brunch, lunch, dinner, or drinks in the Cellar, we’d recommend calling ahead and booking a table.


What are your payment options?

We have always been a cashless business, and have contactless payment available. For regular customers and members, we have the option for you to save your card details on our system so that you can be charged without even having your card on you. Ask a manager to set this up for you if you’re interested.


How do we book?

Email if you’d like to reserve a table in the Cellar, or arrange a tour of the full Members Club and meeting rooms from 10th August.

FAQs for Existing Members

I’m not ready to commit to a membership given the uncertainty of this time. What are my options?

We totally understand that it’s hard to make long term plans right now. Because of this, we wanted to offer a totally free trial month of membership for August this year. Contact us on to register interest (limited spaces available).


I was given a free month instead of a refund when the lockdown happened. What does this mean?

With August being free for everyone, this will mean September is now your free month - so you can use Kindred for free from 10th August - 6th September, and can buy a membership in advance to take effect from October 2020.


What if I renewed my membership before the lockdown and paid the full annual amount upfront?

If you have already paid for an annual membership before the lockdown on the previous prices, we will work out the difference between what you’ve paid and the new price and extend your membership accordingly. For example, if you paid £2,160 for 12 months of the old Digital Nomad package (inc VAT), this will translate as 15.4 months on the new price.  If you paid for a year on the Full-Time Founder, or Game Changer package, the same rule will apply but will include the Co-working add-on package.


I was told I’d be able to freeze my membership until I was ready to come back. Does this still apply?
Considering the significant changes we’re introducing, we are no longer offering the option to freeze memberships (with the exception of another lockdown).


Why is there a joining fee?
A joining fee is there to cover the costs of initiating you into the community while enabling us to offer you as much flexibility as possible throughout your membership. If you pay annually, we will waive the joining fee for a Kindred membership as a thank you for paying upfront. If you are renewing your membership after your annual payment, we will also waive the joining fee. If you are a founding member (a co-working member between Jan 2019 - March 2020) we will waive the admin fee for you. 


Can I pause my membership?
If you are on a monthly rolling contract you can cancel with just one month’s notice and you won’t be charged a cancellation fee. We, unfortunately, do not offer a pausing service for your membership, as when you join the Kindred community the benefits of this extends beyond your physical use of the space. As we do not offer a membership which is based on how many times you visit, pausing a membership because of a holiday, for example, is not something we are able to facilitate. If your circumstances change for whatever reason, please talk to us. Please read the below question regarding extenuating circumstances such as another lockdown scenario.


What if there is another lockdown and Kindred closes?
Kindred is classified as a hospitality business and will likely have to close if the government issues another lockdown, or if hospitality businesses are required to close. In that situation, your membership will be paused from the day of closure and will recommence when we reopen. The number of days we’re closed will be added as an extension to your membership end date. If Kindred is closed for longer than a month, we will pause your monthly payments and continue when we reopen.


I’m an existing member. Do I need to pay the admin fee when I renew my membership?
If you were a member before the lockdown, and you’d like to renew your membership, we will waive your admin fee.


I’m an existing Social Member. Do I now need to pay for my social membership?
We’re starting to charge for new Social Membership applicants from the 1st September 2020, so encourage your friends to apply now before the deadline to qualify for a free one! If you’ve applied previously and haven’t picked up your card yet, you have until the end of August 2020 (August 31) to collect your card to keep your free membership. If you have come in and collected your Social Membership card already, you are a confirmed social member and have free membership for life! Congratulations!


This new price model is a significant change. Is this temporary?
We used the time we had during the lockdown to reflect on what we want to focus on as a business. We believe this new model is more reflective of Kindred, and will hopefully lower the barrier for other people who’d like to be part of the community. We have worked hard to get to this point, and will therefore be sticking with this model for the foreseeable future.

General FAQs

Do I have to be a member to use Kindred?
Our bottom floor will always be open to the public for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks. To access the members’ club and events on the top two floors you will either need to be a member (full or social) or a signed-in guest of a member.


Are you a Members’ Club or a Co-working Space?
Short answer; we’re a members’ club. Long answer: We think people are more than just ‘what they do’ for work and we want to be part of that. In the same way that we’re happy if you want to settle in by the fire to meet your deadline, we also want you to bring your family here for a birthday dinner, or bring a colleague to an interesting event and discuss it afterwards over a bottle of wine. We are a community, and we want you to have fun here as well as be productive here.


What makes Kindred different from other members’ clubs?
We believe that people do better with people, so we make it our business to help you actually meet and get to know others. When you sign up, we get to know you and actively introduce you in person to other people in the community who we think you should know. At Kindred, you’re part of an engaged and friendly community who care about what you’re up to, how you are, and what they can do to help you.


Can I bring guests if I’m a member?
You can bring up to 3 guests with you each day who all need to be signed in at reception. You cannot leave your guests alone at Kindred, and they will need to adhere to our members’ rules. You can bring more than 3 guests if you book a table for a meal.


What are your opening hours?

9 AM - 9 PM
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
9 AM - 10 PM
9 AM - 11 PM
10 AM - 9 PM
10 AM - 4 PM

Can I bring my own food and drink?
We don’t allow any food or drink from outside in the building. We have a large menu for you to choose from throughout the day.


Can I bring my child?
Yes. Your child can attend as one of your guests and attend age-appropriate events with you. Please do not leave your child unattended in the building.


Can I bring my dog?
Yes. You can bring your dog in providing they’re clean and dry, stay on the lead, stay off the furniture, and don’t disturb other people. We reserve the right to refuse entry to your dog.


What’s the application process like for a membership?
You fill in our application form on our website and sign our T&Cs. Your application will be considered, and you will be invited in for a tour and chat with our membership team. We do this to find out more about you and what you’re looking for from Kindred. You’ll be notified about the decision either in person or in writing.


Can I pay monthly instead of annually, and what if I need to cancel my membership?
All memberships are on annual contracts, but you can pay monthly if you prefer. The one-off admin fee is waived if you choose to pay annually. If your circumstances change and you need to cancel your membership, you’ll need to discuss with the membership team first and give at least a month’s advance notice. You may need to pay a small cancellation fee.


What is the admin fee?
We charge a one-off admin fee for all new memberships, but this is waived if you choose to pay annually.
One-off Admin Fees (Prices include VAT):
- Annual Memberships (All types): £0
- Full Membership: £200
- Full Membership (Under 30s): £100
- Social Membership: £40
- Social Membership (Under 30s): £25


What’s included in the Co-working add-on package?
The co-working add on package is great if you want to build your business from Kindred and need some extra things to make this easier. The package includes a locker (subject to availability), business registration which means you can put Kindred as your address on Companies House, mail handling, unlimited b&w printing, and a 1/3 off meeting room hire.


Can I co-work if I don’t buy the co-working add-on package?
At Kindred we want you to spend your day here how you choose, whether that’s working, meeting up, eating, drinking, learning, socialising. You’re more than welcome to while away your time with your laptop and a coffee, or however you like. The Co-working add on is helpful for those who really need to build their businesses from Kindred and need the added benefits of the package.


Why do Under 30s get a cheaper membership?
We knew we wanted to do something to make it easier for young people to get involved with our community. They bring new ideas and great energy (as do all our members), but we also know that London can be steep for young people in the early stages of their careers or business journeys. We wanted to give them a step up and let them have the opportunity to get involved in what is already an incredible community.