The Cellar Sessions: Cheese & Wine Club x Chiswick Cheese Market - Kindred

The Cellar Sessions: Cheese & Wine Club x Chiswick Cheese Market

Spend a vibey evening in Cellar at Kindred feasting on incredible wine and cheese from the best producers in the game.

‘What grows together goes together’ – discover the perfect partners from around the world.

Lucy Cufflin and Donna Freed from The Chiswick Cheese Market, are back at Kindred for our June edition, taking you down less trodden pathways of cheese and drinks. This month’s superb selection is all about terroir.

You will taste and discover five extraordinary and iconic cheeses that are unique to their area and pair them with drinks that are also specific to that locale. This is a journey like no other – so immerse yourselves in the magic and alchemy of what some of the tiny terroirs of France, Italy, Greece and the UK have created for your delectation!

About The Chiswick Cheese Market

Originally inspired by Jamie Oliver’s ‘Save British Cheese’ campaign in 2020, The Chiswick Cheese Market set about creating a market for cheese producers and enthusiasts to come together over the very best cheeses from Britain and beyond and bring the wonder of well-crafted cheese to Chiswick.

Chiswick Cheese Market is on the third Sunday of every month bringing cheese back to Chiswick (or Cheesewick as it was historically known).


Event Details

  • Day Wednesday
  • Date 19th June
  • Time 7:30pm - 9pm
  • Location Cellar at Kindred