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Quit Selling Yourself Short


January 12 @ 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

This Lunch & Learn is hosted by Social Member Sallee Poinsette-Nash. Our Lunch & Learns are hosted by Members, for Members.

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What can I expect?
In this session, we’ll look through a human-brand lens as we explore whether you’re selling or underselling yourself, what may be holding you back from having the confidence and understand why it’s important to overcome it.

We will discuss how applying a more strategic approach to your career or business can get you to where you want to be without the “hard” work.

The session is designed to get you thinking differently, sharing your thoughts, and asking questions!

Who’s it for:
Anyone who feels they may be underselling themselves – in their job search, career or business/

You will learn:
– How to improve your relationship with ‘selling’.
– How to create a strong human-brand.
– How to apply the 1cm rule to open doors and get you further, faster.

…and you’ll leave with a sprinkling of confidence thrown in for good measure!

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More about Sallee:
Sallee Poinsette-Nash is one of the UK leading people-brand experts, founder of award-winning strategy agency, Brandable & Co. and on a mission to make business more human.

Brandable & Co.


“Sallee has great energy, she shared useful practical tips and has an uplifting way of teaching confidence!”

“Sallee’s experience and knowledge helped highlight the importance of self-confidence and believing in yourself whether it would be during a pandemic or in normal circumstances.”

“In such uncertain times, being unemployed and not knowing what is around the corner can often lead to anxiety, this session was an excellent channel to communicate with likeminded peers, ask open and honest questions or providing support to others, which left me feeling more determined to pursue career options. I would encourage anyone to join in future workshops.”

“I attended Sallee’s brilliant and energising session, a great workshop that got me really thinking about myself as a brand,it left me feeling motivated and excited.”

“I recently joined two of Sallee’s brand and confidence workshops. I loved her fresh, down to earth approach; her informative, educational theory & feedback & her illustrative slides. Sallee brings a wealth of experience to the hot topic of ‘personal branding’. I’ll be recommending her!”

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