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Kindred x Campfire: Finding My Goals

Finding My Goals

January 14 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

We’re delighted to team up with Kindred Member, Andrew Wainstein to bring you his conversational connective sessions, Campfire. Campfire was an idea grown at Kindred, whilst Andrew was a Full Member, where he tested various formats and successfully launched his business during lockdown.

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About Campfire:

Campfire is about reclaiming the tradition of those slower, grounded conversations around a fire – warming and connecting us with one another.

We’re bringing together groups of 4-8 people for conversations about what matters most in our work and our lives as a whole.

The plan was to launch with face-to-face gatherings, but this was stopped in its tracks by Covid. Though pretty soon it became clear that we need these slower, grounding conversations – now, more than ever. So we’re lighting our campfires on Zoom.

We’re running two types of conversations. Our Working Campfires are about sharing knowledge and experience to expand our working lives, whilst our Evening Campfires encourage us to explore ourselves and the world around us.

What can I expect?
This is a Campfire where we can set our goals alongside one another.

We’re inviting you to bring along some ideas of your personal and professional goals for the month, quarter and year to come. Then as you sit around the fire, sharing and listening, let your thoughts flow so your ambitions start to emerge more clearly from the conversation.

As we draw to a close, you can walk away with your goals for the month, quarter and year, for your work and for your life as a whole.

To join the session :
1. Create your free Campfire account here.
2. Register for your free place.

“I enjoyed the people, the depth of conversation… being heard… listening to others”

“The quality of the conversation, the intimate, open minded, spontaneous, honest tone”

“A peaceful reflective atmosphere… the willingness to listen and speak is fairly unique.”

“A way to ‘take some time’ from work, family, etc… a time to explore ideas and learn from others”

More about Andrew:
Andrew introduced the concept of fantasy football to the UK in the early 1990’s and over the last three decades he’s learnt as much about himself as about sustaining a successful business.

Working as a coach, Andrew is sharing his experience from his journey to inspire others to create more fulfilling lives and careers.

Alongside coaching, he’s building Campfire as a way of bringing people together to slow down and discover more about themselves and their work.

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