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Calling All Business Owners

anna head

May 7 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

An invite from the Co-founder of Kindred, Anna Anderson.

It’s a true test of a community’s resilience to see how it responds under pressure. Kindred has stopped. Its beautiful rooms are silent, with the newfound sunlight beaming in across the wooden floors. There are no smells of cooking or freshly ground coffee, no sounds of conversations, laughter or the tapping of keys. When a business’ sole purpose is about building connection in person, what happens when everything is stripped away, and the people leave?

Are you a Kindred Co-working or Social member and own a business? Well, we’re calling you to join our discussion about how the pandemic has affected your business.

What we’ll be sharing:

– Any resources that have helped you which we can share with each other
– Have there been any learnings during this time which has shed light on what to do differently?
– Discussing customer behaviour and maintaining rapport during this time
– The kind of content that you’ve been posting and what’s worked
– Discussing examples from other businesses who have successfully created authentic content, strengthening their customer base

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