Diversity and inclusion statement

Updated 31st May 2023

We know that in society, higher barriers exist for some more than others, and we believe that proactive work needs to be done by companies and organisations with influence to help lower these barriers, and promote a fairer and more equal society.

Kindred is an open house, encouraging people to gather together and connect with one another. We are committed to fostering a culture of inclusion, and one that celebrates the diversity of our community; not only because we believe this is a moral obligation of all organisations, but because we believe it makes us a better business and contributor to our society as a result.

Diversity encompasses a broad spectrum, including race, gender, age, religion, disability, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and nationality. By embracing a diverse array of backgrounds within our team and community, we can cultivate greater innovation, creativity, and empathy, enabling us to provide services that better reflect our customers’ needs and expectations. 

We aim to ensure that our workforce reflects the diversity of the community we serve, and we do this by recruiting, developing and retaining the most talented individuals from a diverse candidate pool. We are committed to equitable treatment, supporting those who may need additional help to flourish, and we commit to the elimination of discrimination in all its forms at all levels in the organisation and within the services we provide. 

In our view, ‘inclusion’ means fostering a culture in which everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and a culture where different perspectives are sought out, valued and integrated into the way we provide our services and how we choose to run our business. We aim to be an inclusive venue, that opens its doors to all who would like to participate, and we always strive to reflect the vibrant diversity of our pocket of West London through our scheduled event programming. 

We acknowledge that while we try our best, we may at times get it wrong, either on an individual or structural level. If we do get it wrong, we will always strive to improve through a process of listening and understanding, team-wide reflection, retraining when needed, and if necessary, implementing a company-wide culture change. We commit to having an open mindset when receiving feedback, allowing all parties to feel they can safely express their views, and be part of any ongoing dialogue on how Kindred can continuously strive to being a truly inclusive company. 

We want every customer, employee and partner to feel welcome at Kindred, and that every aspect of who they are has a place within our four walls and within our community. Our dedication to this is not only about doing what’s right; it’s about doing what’s best for Kindred, our employees, our customers, and our wider community.