What do we want in 2020?

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A New Year’s resolution is a tradition we’ve all heard about. Whether it’s committing to quitting smoking or empowering yourself to hit the gym a bit more, some of us make them, some of them break them. Well, let’s be honest, most of us break them.

At Kindred, we had a blast of a New Year’s Eve party. Amongst the confetti cannons, live music, and cracking cocktails – there were also plenty of people telling us what they wanted to get out of their 2020. Surprisingly, we didn’t see much of the common tropes you can expect to see when asking people what their resolution for the new year is. “Eat healthier”, “lose weight”, “quit smoking”, and “save money”, while all a good achievement to strive for, has become the cliché.

To give you some inspiration, and an idea of the brilliant people we have at Kindred, we’re going to share with you some of our favourite resolutions we collected from the guests of our NYE party. Throughout the night we gave everyone the opportunity to let us know what they were wishing for, working towards, and looking forward to for 2020. Inbetween dance-offs and canapé testing, our guests wrote down some their hopes on pieces of paper and popped them in our NYE box.

Following the good vibes & letting go of what doesn’t serve me.

Doing more of the things that make me smile.

Being myself every day and in every way.

I’m looking forward to a year of travel and adventure.

Spontaneous adventures

Exploring new countries

More self-love 🧡

Comedy & Love! (and maybe a pony) 🐎

Quitting my job 🙂

Pay Rise

In a 2014 report, 35% of people who failed their New Year’s Resolutions admitted they had unrealistic goals. Luckily for us at Kindred, we see no reason why the above isn’t achievable… Well, maybe the pony is a little bit of a tall order – but who are we to judge?

Written by Lewis Good, Communications Manager: not quitting his job, would definitely take up the offer of a free pony, and famously following the good vibes.

Lewis Good is the Communications Manager here at Kindred. While fulfilling all archetypes of an extrovert, he has a talent for colour-coding and spreadsheets. Known as the “spread-sheet guy”, the “loud one with the glasses”, and “the one who's good with puns”. Talk to him about Kindred's Social Media, the weekly newsletters, marketing, and plug sockets.

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