Members’ Spotlight #2: Janet Lam

Janet Lam

In her own words

I’m a marketer, writer and illustrator. I’ve worked in marketing for almost ten years in a range of sectors – publishing, FinTech, travel retail, online learning and at a membership organisation.

In December 2017 I took a career break and went travelling for a few months (skiing around France, a road trip around California and Nevada, then to Japan, Singapore and Malaysia).

I’m now freelancing: helping friends with marketing their small businesses and startups. As well as working with bigger organisations with some interim marketing support; such as copywriting and campaign management.

If you need help with attracting more customers in a sustainable way, improving meaningful engagement, conversion retention and loyalty – let me know, I can help with the following:

Strategy development, Market research, looking at insights, positioning, branding, pricing, personas and customer journeys.

My specialism is copywriting, so I can write and research articles for your blog, website copy, email campaigns, adverts, organic and paid social media, plus landing pages.

I’m offering Kindred members a free, informal 1 hour chat – where you can bring along any issues you may be having with your marketing and we can discuss ideas and create a plan of action.

I also have a side project – a children’s book called ‘thanks a bunch.’ I’ve been writing and drawing children’s stories since I was seven years old. One of the first stories I wrote was about a chicken race and the main character cheated by using springs and got disqualified. It’s only recently I’ve been doodling a bit more to take a break from screen time – as much of my work is digital and working on my laptop.

I created the ‘thanks a bunch’ story when I was trying to keep my two year old niece entertained by showing her some flowers. The story is about a daisy who thinks she has a purpose but gets lost and meets other flowers and a bee on the way. Hopefully it will teach kids about adapting to change and being flexible with their ambitions, as well as appreciate nature. I’m currently testing out the story by reading it to school children so it may get altered a bit.

Favourite thing about Kindred?

This isn’t very original but it’s just a super interesting and friendly community.

All the staff are really helpful and supportive, and just make you feel relaxed. There is such a diverse range of members from freelancers to small business owners who are all easy to talk to.

Janet Lam is a marketer, writer, and illustrator

Follow Janet on Instagram and LinkedIn, or check out her website

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