Kindred Conversations #5 | MOSS

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Kindred Conversations: Interviews with founders and business leaders who are led by social purpose as well as profit. We discuss what it means to build a business with purpose, and how we can navigate our businesses during times of crisis.

In this episode of Kindred Conversations, I talk to Syreeta Challinger, founder of MOSS, Moments Of Sense and Style; a lifestyle store and studio, with considered design and crafted product at the forefront. MOSS was conceived after life took an unexpected turn for founders Syreeta and her partner, Rob. In Sydney, 2014, Rob suffered a brain haemorrhage and stroke. The brand was born from a desire to create light out of the darkness; with an innovative and conceptual approach to dealing with life-changing events.

You can watch the full video below.

Check them out on, or follow them on Instagram @momentsofsenseandstyle

Anna Anderson

Anna Anderson is the Co-Founder and Director of Kindred.

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