Kindred Conversations #2 | Live Frankly

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“Hi, I’m Anna Anderson the Co-Founder of Kindred and I will be interviewing other business leaders and entrepreneurs who are led by social purpose as well as profit. We will be discussing what it means to build a business with purpose, and how we can navigate our businesses during times of crisis.

In this episode of Kindred Conversations, I talk to Lizzie Rivera, founder of the lifestyle Live Frankly; a platform holding brands to account, only showcasing the businesses that are truly sustainable so that we as consumers can make better, more planet-friendly choices. Check them out and follow them on Instagram.”

You can watch the full video below.

LIVE FRANKLY is the genuinely good lifestyle guide, giving you quick and easy access to ethical brands. We prove that sustainable doesn’t mean sacrifice. The pioneering brands we feature are better in every way.

Anna Anderson

Anna Anderson is the Co-Founder and Director of Kindred.

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