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Kindred class of 2019

Since the 2nd of January 2019, when we first opened up our doors to Co-Working space, we’ve welcomed around 80 members here at Kindred. This is just a short little blog post dedicated to some of those who have grown with us throughout the year.

Kay Morgan – Founder of Kay PA Services

“After working from home as a virtual PA for two years, I was feeling increasingly isolated so began to look into local co-working spaces. I tried several who promised a sense of community but didn’t really deliver. Then I found Kindred and it quickly felt like home thanks to the friendly staff and like-minded members.

The weekly events such as Monday’s coffee morning and 60-second networking really help you get to know your fellow members and I love how the space transitions from workspace to cool bar lounge by 6 pm. Becoming a Kindred member is honestly the best thing I’ve done, both personally and professionally, in a really long time!”

Doug Rawe – Health Consultant

“I’ve been a member at Kindred for two months now, it provides a wonderful environment to work, interact and socialise with other small business owners and generally get more out of my day.”

Rabot 1745 Beauty

“We started out in an office overlooking the Thames and above the River Café in Hammersmith where we shared space with an eclectic mix of self-employed people and a black Labrador. When the lease came to an end, we really didn’t think we could beat this environment, but Kindred opened up and it did.

The food is almost on a par with the River Café, the flat whites are hard to beat, the fireplace replaces the river view but above all, you can’t beat the people both behind the scenes and on the tables. It’s opened up many a business opportunity and we hope will continue to do so as we grow.”

Daniel Schulz – Founder of Content & Creative Ltd

“Starting your own business is a scary step. There are the obvious challenges, but the scariest part to me was the thought of losing my team and mates at work, who I would usually fall back on for inspiration or help.

“Kindred took that fear away from me completely. It doesn’t feel like a “normal” coworking space. Every single fibre there screams social: from the way they select their members to complement each other, to the way they build their community through events and team interactions.

Within days I felt like I had become part of a community that I can count on. Be it for the amazing opportunities to collaborate and grow my business or for the plentiful friendly banter – I wouldn’t want to miss a single day of coming here.”

Sallar Al-Mulla – Founder of Omami

“Kindred is a community that actively promotes spirituality, achievement and togetherness. I have met some incredible people who have helped propel my project forwards with their collective expertise. Communal idea generation and networking are at the forefront of the team behind Kindred, always excelling in promoting cross-collaboration.

“Informal events such as the weekly 60-second networking, help bring people together, explores potential synergies and aids problem solving and it’s a great way to meet new people from all walks of life; budding entrepreneurs, social reformers and established mentors, all forming the backbone of the Kindred community.

“Credit must be given to the Kindred team, who have created something special here.”

Geraldine Spurway – Transformation Coach and Marketing Strategy Consultant

“I was looking for a place to work from when I came across Kindred on line. Being an entrepreneur can feel quite lonely sometimes hence why I wanted to find a place where I could not only work, but also connect with like-minded individuals, from all walk of life. My first day at Kindred was everything I could have hoped for, if not even more. I was warmly welcomed by the lovely Anna and quickly introduced to Jaz with whom I connected straight away on so many levels. I felt immediately at ease in this very cosy and relaxed environment.

“Furthermore, I was introduced to fellow entrepreneurs during the 60 seconds event, connecting with more people in a day than I did in 6 months in another co-working space! Being a coach myself, I really enjoyed the “check-in” start of the week at 11 am on Monday, giving everyone the ability to plan and visualise our goals for the month, but also to share ideas and words of encouragement and motivation.

“I am excited to be joining the community and I look forward to attend further events in the future!”

Anna Anderson – Co-Founder, Kindred

“I’m sure those who have started a business can identify with the rollercoaster of Year One: the most incredible highs, the crashing lows, but hopefully all in all a wonderful ride. The biggest and most welcome surprise has been how much our members have wholeheartedly aligned with with our mission to build a community based on authentic human connection. We’re so grateful for all they have done to support us so far – we couldn’t have done it without them.”


Lewis Good

Lewis Good is the Communications Manager here at Kindred. While fulfilling all archetypes of an extrovert, he has a talent for colour-coding and spreadsheets. Known as the “spread-sheet guy”, the “loud one with the glasses”, and “the one who's good with puns”. Talk to him about Kindred's Social Media, the weekly newsletters, marketing, and plug sockets.

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