Anna Anderson

Anna Anderson is the Co-Founder and Director of Kindred.

Members’ clubs should welcome people in, not keep them out

By Anna Anderson / August 6, 2020 /

When I started Kindred, I wanted to create a space that made people feel welcome. I was a social worker at the time, and had seen first-hand how important community ties are for our health and happiness. In fact, having a strong community network is seen as a protective factor in social work: problems emerge…

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A Vision for the Future of Co-Working

By Anna Anderson / May 14, 2020 /

The future of work was already changing before we were hit by a pandemic. Now, it’s looking like the landscape could change all over again. Theories are emerging about whether workplaces will reintroduce the partitioned offices of the past, boxing in and isolating people from one another, or dissolving offices altogether and making people work…

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What Happens When You Pivot Your Hospitality Business Online?

By Anna Anderson / May 7, 2020 /

I have a dark day every now and then. A dark day for me is feeling anxious, fearful, demotivated, resigned and a touch of despair all at once. I’m sure I’m not the only one to have these, especially now. I had one of these days when I closed my hospitality business Kindred on the evening of the…

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The Hidden Human Cost of Lockdown

By Anna Anderson / April 6, 2020 /

The Hidden Human Cost of Lockdown I had butterflies in my stomach two weeks ago as I settled in to watch the announcement from Number 10 that there was going to be a nationwide lockdown. I had made the pre-emptive decision to close Kindred a few days before, the business I had been pouring myself…

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One messy, glorious year of building community

By Anna Anderson / January 23, 2020 /

This time last year, surrounded by half-assembled furniture, the last of the boxes and not a little builders’ dust, I settled down on the banquette in The Cellar, our sparkly new restaurant and bar and tried to get some sleep. It was the night before our opening, and the pizza oven needed to be lit…

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We Work, Differently: A Letter from our Founder

By Anna Anderson / October 14, 2019 /

The last few weeks I’ve been glued to the news; WeWork, once representing the heights of dramatic success in the co-working industry, has hit catastrophic waves of uncertainty; where charisma and hubris fall away to reveal empty promises of community and a potentially unsustainable business. It’s enough to make any founder of a co-working business…

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