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Our Story

Kindred was born out of a desire to create a space for the community to connect face to face, with no one feeling excluded.

People do better when connected with others. Gathering around the fire at the end of each day is a practice humans have done since prehistoric times. It was the sharing of food, stories and ideas that helped reinforce the essential social bonds that were needed to survive. Today, our society prioritises online connection, efficient communication, and transactional relationships – all with their benefits, but often at the cost of more meaningful, human-to-human engagement.

We wanted to address that, by providing somewhere physical where people could meet each other more easily – not the workplace, and not your home, but something else.

We opened in December 2018, enduring the turmoil brought on by the pandemic in our early years, and woke up to a new world. People needed community spaces more than ever. We wanted to be a place that welcomed people in rather than shut them out, so we made the decision to close down our membership model, and opened up Kindred to all.

There are four things we offer at Kindred: coworking, our cultural programme, Cellar at Kindred our restaurant and bar, and our private hire offering, all of which are designed with meeting and gathering in mind.

We are a community space that welcomes all, tries its best to break down traditional barriers to meeting new people, and believes that the world will do better if we spend more time in the company of others.

Anna Anderson – Founder of Kindred

Meet Anna Anderson

Kindred is the vision of Founder Anna Anderson, who you will often spot in the building with her toy poodle, Chutney, in tow. A former social worker, Anna is passionate about reimagining what community could look like in one of the world’s loneliest cities. She believes in the power of intentional gatherings, whole-hearted hospitality, and running a purpose-led business that gives at least as much as it takes.


Kindred's Community Dinners

Our dream when Kindred was in its infancy was to use the simple act of eating together to spark connection and bring people together. That’s why once a month, we host a free dinner for a hundred guests. Donated by us, with the option for guests to pay it forward to our charity partner Nourish Hub, we wanted to do something that removes all the usual financial barriers to connection, and focus simply on getting to know others in the community over a delicious shared meal.


We’ve always been vocal about the crisis of loneliness. Every year in June, marking International Loneliness Awareness Week, we host our signature TogethernessFest; a week long series of events, designed to help attendees meet new people, have interesting conversations that go beyond, ‘what do you do?’, and celebrate the simple joys of being together.

Find us

  • getting there

    Our nearest tube stop is Hammersmith which is a 1 minute walk away. Come by the:

    • Piccadilly/District line
    • Hammersmith and City line
    • Bus Stop Hammersmith Broadway (TC)
  • Address

    Bradmore House,
    Queen Caroline Street,
    W6 9BW,

  • Cellar at Kindred opening hours

    Monday: 9am-6pm
    Tuesday-Wednesday: 9am-11pm
    Thursday-Friday: 9am-midnight
    Saturday: 10am-midnight
    Sunday: Closed

  • Kindred opening hours

    We are open for coworking from
    9am – 5pm, Mon – Fri.

    For our cultural programme and private events, please check start times and end times.

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